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The Companies Act requires all companies to maintain their company records.

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A company must at all times have a copy of its Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and any amendments or alterations to it, as well as any rules that apply to the company in terms of its MOI. The company must also keep a register of its shares and its company secretary and auditor, to the extent that the company is required to make such appointments. In addition, the company is required to keep the following records for a period of seven (7) years:

A record of its directors, including the following detailed information about each director:
• the full name and any former names;
• the identity number or date of birth;
• the nationality and passport;
• the occupation;
• the date of their most recent election or appointment;
• the name and registration number of any other company or foreign company that the director is a director of;
• the address for service for that director; and
• any professional qualification and experience of the director in the case of a company that is required to have an audit committee.
– Number of shares, name of shares, the split of shares
Copies of:
• all reports presented at an annual general meeting;
• annual financial statements required by the Act;
• any accounting records required by the Act;
• Notices and minutes of all shareholder meetings, including resolutions taken at those meetings, as well as the documents made available to the shareholders in relation to those resolutions;
• Copies of any written communication sent by the company to shareholders; and
• Minutes of meetings and resolutions of directors, directors committee, or audit committees.


Solution :
As you are aware our company provides secretarial services where we are able to keep all of the above in a secure folder and can provide these to any audit that will be required by any institution (SARS, CIPC, Banks, Investors, Suppliers and others)
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Don’t let compliance overwhelm you! Our secure software simplifies record management, and our cost-effective solutions start at just R110 per month per company.
If you have more than 2 companies please let us know and we will apply the discount for more than one company
There are no fees charged when you are requesting any of the documents from the above such as share certificate, summary of directors, company summary, shareholders reports and others, The admin fee is included in the monthly or yearly fees
Please NOTE the above is important for every company we highly recommend to everyone to have all required in place as SARS and CIPC are reviewing more and more documents on every tax return