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Payroll & HR

payroll and HR
payroll and HR

Payroll is to process monthly salaries for the staff members, but not just that.  As a business owner, you have to realize, you are liable for filing statutory returns to the authorities.

If you don’t have the required knowledge, it can be possible that mistake will happen and one or more of these statutory requirements are overlooked, which can bring you to pay penalties from the relevant authorities.

We are here to help and manage these processes for you, ensuring that your staff are paid on time, and your reporting systems are correct and compliant.

With the new SARS legislation of third party appointment where the employer becomes liable for collecting and paying over staff members outstanding taxes, you really need to ensure that your records are correct and that UI19’s are submitted regularly.

We calculate payroll, adhere to the latest SARS/Tax legislation,

What do we offer?

  • Issuing of monthly or weekly employee payslips
  • Consulting & structuring of employee benefits
  • Registration for PAYE, UIF &SDL
  • Monthly PAYE, UIF & SDL return submissions (EMP201)
  • PAYE Bi-Annual Reconciliation of Tax deductions and Tax certificates (EMP501)

Issuing of IRP5 & IT3 certificates annually.