Debt Collection

Debt Collection Service

Debt Collection Service
Debt Collection Service

We will recover your company debt.

We offer Maximum recovery Ratios and full legal compliance. Our Team is highly trained and experienced providing service of Excellence.

Our service is rated on NO SUCCESS, NO CHARGE.

What we are offering in our Debt Collection service? We are dealing with:

  • Commercial Debt Collections
  • Consumer Debt Collections
  • Monitoring Debtors and their payment arrangements

We are offering service to small medium and large companies.


How are our rates calculated?

The collection rates are calculated from the oldest invoice date on your ageing analysis.

The pie below is showing on which rates we are calculating our fees.


Debt Collection
Debt Collection

Age of the debt is determined from the last date of the last payment.

In event that no payment was received, the date of last purchase/service rendered will then determine the age.


Do I need a debt collector? If your answer to one of the below question is YES, itโ€™s time to call us for First Free Consultation!

  • Is your company having trouble to recover more than 20% debt from your sales?
  • Is your accountant focusing more on debt collections as on other reports needed?
  • Is your debtor list monthly increasing?
  • Is your cash flow decreasing?

The benefits of hiring our service:

  • Increase your cash flow
  • Reduce company debts
  • More time spent on your business
  • More productivity in your business
  • Monthly reports giving the proper view on present cash flow situation


All charges will be negotiated after a personalised meeting.