Budget Speech 2019

What are the changes? There have been no changes for Income Tax and our Tax Tables remaining unchanged for the year ending February 2020.

The Medical Tax Credit is remaining unchanged.

What is really changing after Budget Speech 2019?

Known formerly as Excise tax will be increased

  • Can of beer: 12c increase to R1,74
  • 750ml bottle of wine: 22c increase to R3.15
  • 750ml bottle of sparkling wine: 84c increase to R10.16
  • Bottle of whisky: R4.54 increase to R65.84
  • A packet of cigarettes: R1.14 increase to R16.66
  • Cigars: 64c increase to R7.80

Fuel levies

Mboweni also revealed that, unfortunately, there would be an increase in fuel levies.

  • Petrol: 29c per litre
  • Diesel: 30c per litre

The minister noted that in order to stabilize fuel prices, the Road Accident Fund (Raf) would have to resubmit its Benefits Scheme Bill, as the one that sits with Parliament does not address the R215-billion debt deficit.